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WOW! Hey guys, share this and write your local radio stations!

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I’ve moved! :D

Hi everyone!  There are so many you out there that I needed to take a moment and apoligze for being absent for so long. 

I’ve picked up shop and moved to Revival Girl.  I’ll be working hard to add all of you back to my following blogs list over the next few days. 🙂  Have a wonderful night!

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The Wrong Roads

This week I’m teaching my Sunday School class.

I normally feel apprehensive about lessons with a group of 12 and 13 year olds because my students aren’t always the easiest to get on with.  That is what happens when you teach kids on the edge of self discovery and preparing for life in and after high school.

The lesson itself focuses on prayer and I’ve gathered additional material to what we have in the outline.

I’m starting out with asking my class to write down how they make decisions.  Do they ask friends or parents what to do, just do what comes to them… what drives them.

Then I plan to show this video:

I watched it tonight while trying to decide exactly which direction I wanted to go with this lesson and it came to me while watching it that I myself have traveled down so many of the wrong roads in my life before finally growing up.  It made me think of friends I’ve grown closer too, friends I never knew I had, and friends that in the end, didn’t turn out to be friends.

I’m a bit excited for this lesson.  Normally I don’t feel that seed of inspiration until after I’ve walked into my wee classroom and my amazing mother in law and I get set up to start the day.

I honestly wish we had more time for tomorrows lesson because I think there’s just something about this topic that could use more than an hour.

Hopefully over the next couple weeks my visiting teaching companion and I will figure out exactly when we’re going to be able to make it out together.  She wants to go on Sunday afternoon after church, which would normally be great, but right now my husband and I are participating in our Temple Prep class and I don’t think that there’s time between church and the class we have scheduled to make the rounds.

I do know I’m looking forward to Christmas and vising with the amazing ladies on our route.  We’re making ‘Pamper You’ kits with bath bombs and a home made buckwheat hull pillow.  You know, those pillows you stick in the microwave that hold heat and feel amazing when you’re just aching?  We’re making a few of those and including a few viles of Doterra Oil (Holiday Joy, Citrus Bliss and probably Lavender or Peppermint).  I love these little projects and look forward to them.  Who knows, maybe I will even learn to use a sewing machine.  I never really learned before.

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